The next revolution will be digital

Worximity is looking for exceptional talents to be part of the 4th Industrial Revolution!

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Current openings
Our growth is like our clients' results: exponential. We are constantly on the lookout for the brightest people to join our ranks. Here are the positions which we are currently seeking to fill.

The next revolution will be digital

Besides the fantastic team that you would join, here is a brief overview of the benefits of being part of the Wx tribe. The gear: since we are specialists in the development of mobile applications, our computers, mobiles and iPad devices are always the latest. Activities: lunch & learn, drink & demo, running club, cycling club. We take every possible opportunity to combine leisure and work in a creative and collaborative environment. The office: ah, it is worth a visit on its own. Fourth floor, overlooking the Old Port and set up from A to Z by the Wx team. A dream come true! It is hard to leave in the evening. The goodies: fresh fruit, bread, bagels, juice, tea and coffee are offered free of charge to feed the troops.

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State-of-the-art Equipement

We work every day to make factories smart and technology is at the heart of Wx. Our equipment is state-of-the-art: iPad devices, laptops, monitors, mobile phones!

Careers opportunities - Careers - Worximity

Social Activities and Sports

Running club, cycling club, trail running, activities that take us out of our comfort zone such as rafting, Christmas party, 5@7, drink & demo, lunch & learn, Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day and much more! We take every chance we get to have fun with colleagues!

Careers opportunities - Careers - Worximity

New office

In the heart of Old Montreal, on the fourth floor, with a fantastic view of the river and the city, the brand new office is a great place to work. Conference rooms, collaborative spaces, large kitchen, everything is designed to facilitate teamwork!

Careers opportunities - Careers - Worximity

Fresh fruits, healthy snacks, tea and coffee

Want to have a little afternoon snack? Not to worry, we have whatever you need! Fresh fruit is delivered weekly, in addition to healthy snacks, the breakfast basics and hot drinks.

Everyday life at Worximity

Worximity Technologies brand new office
Worximity Technologies Employees working at the Montreal office
Worximity Technologie's employees sharing ideas and new concepts during a Drink&Demo event
Worximity Technologie's employees discussing IIoT and industry 4.0 trends during a Lunch & Learn
IIoT, Worximity connects industrial machines and equipment
Worximity Technologies employees at an IIoT event in Chicago
Employees having fun at Worximity Technologies
Rafting activity for the employees of Worximity Technologies
Runnning Club at Worximity Technologies

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