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Case Studies & Client Successes

Amalgamated Dairies Limited

Since Amalgamated Dairies Limited (ADL) has been using TileBoard, real-time monitoring on 5 production lines has increased the plant's overall productivity by 14% by producing a larger volume using the same amount of resources.
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Première Moisson

Première Moisson’s use of TileBoard and real-time monitoring has recently help them make faster and more informed decisions regarding a major plant investment designed to increase production capacity. A few months after, a second line was connected to TileBoard and quickly saw a variety of improvements, including a 27% reduction in downtime.
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Since LOL TUN has been using TileBoard, managers have seen productivity improvements of more than 10%, notably due to the increase in volume of units produced and the considerable reduction in downtime.
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Ecoservices Tria Inc

Since EcoServices Tria uses TileBoard, the digitization of the operations has allowed the plant to increase its overall performance by more than 11% with the possibility of additional profit.
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Viau Food

Since Viau began using Worximity's technologies, the company has seen a reduction in labor costs and overproduction, and an increase in yield.
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Central Bernard

Since Central Bernard began using Worximity’s technologies, the company has experienced an increase in yield and a reduction in human errors, which have led to a more efficient team.
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Voltigeurs Farm

On top of increasing productivity by 15% at the Voltigeurs Farm, digitalization of the vertically integrated operations will lead to increased yield and profitability.
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Since Prolifik began using Worximity’s technologies, the company’s set-up times have decreased and uptime has increased. It was able to determine the main causes of gaps and correct the problems, which has led to a more efficient smart factory.
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nature's touch

Nature's Touch

Since teams at Nature's Touch began using Worximity’s technologies, the company has registered a 10% increase in efficiency by reducing downtime and improving line speed.
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Client success team

"The Organizer" — Operations Director

The customer success team ensures regular follow-up and support with each of our clients who have begun using our technologies. Our engineers handle the training and our data scientists generate reports to build manufacturing intelligence.

"Data Scientist" — Customer Success Data Scientist

Being a data scientist, I analyze our clients' data to highlight the essential information in order to identify the main improvement opportunities. Our reports provide concrete actions that our clients can take that will have a positive impact on their operations, efficiency and profitability.

"L'immanquable" — Client Project Engineer

The reality on the ground is the most important thing; that's why the engineers on our team work closely with clients to make sure everything is installed properly and to provide effective and motivating training quickly for the teams that will be using Tileboard on a daily basis.

"Knowledge Holder" — Client Project Developer

I am in charge of developing client projects and I make sure that they are delivered according to the users' needs. My work includes ensuring that Tileboard is tailored to our clients' specific requirements and acting as support.

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