Real-time monitoring in a fully smart factory

Claude Archambault
Smart factory
Real-time monitoring in a fully smart factory

A US client specializing in consumer goods makes the big leap and now monitors its entire factory by adding 20 additional lines for a total of 26 production lines connected in real time.

Several different brands of equipement are connected such as Alloyd, Ilapak and Koch, as well as ACM, Doboy, Mini Pak, Minnesota, MSG and Shanklin.

With increased productivity and a pronounced reduction in downtime, the manufacturing company decided to implement 20 additional TileConnect sensors and the Productivity and Downtime analytical suites. Concrete results, savings and increased control over plant operations also prompted managers to opt for complete process digitization of the factory.

With TileBoard, floor employees can track real-time changes in their daily production while managers can keep an eye on data from their computers or smart phones via the mobile app or web version. In view of the achievement of the objectives, the adoption of our connectivity technologies on additional lines was self-evident.

We are very proud of the accomplishment of this business and are confident about the continued growth of its performance.

For more information on concrete results of Worximity in various industries, visit the Client Success section of our website.

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