Microbrewery enters the industry 4.0 era

Claude Archambault
Smart factory
Microbrewery enters the industry 4.0 era

Another Quebec manufacture takes a turn towards industry 4.0 with real-time production monitoring!

The company is known for its all-natural ales of all kinds offered on tap and in bottles, while certain kinds are also available in cans. Its mission is to brew tasty, all-natural, high-quality beer and offer it to beer lovers across the province. This factory recently became smart and will be able to monitor its operations in real-time with TileBoard and our Productivity and Downtime suites. A TileConnect sensor was installed, allowing managers and plant employees to follow continuously the activities taking place in their factory.

Worximity wants to emphasize the avant-gardism of its client who is now on the leading edge of the technological wave and is making its operations and factory smarter. We are proud to be serving a leader of the industry!

Find out more about TileConnect and TileBoard by visiting our Products section and contact our team to get a demo.

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