Meat industry 4.0

Claude Archambault
Smart factory
Meat industry 4.0

A new client has taken a step towards industry 4.0 by making its operations smart and keeping an eye on its production in real time.

The business is a customizable leader of grilled protein products and will become smart with our connectivity technologies and our TileBoard application. It has been committed to creating top quality, artisanal and convenient grilled protein meal and snack solutions. Its innovative and entrepreneurial spirit has guided the development of fully cooked grilled protein products, frozen and fresh for foodservice, retail and deli across North America.

The team also promotes continuous improvement and is heading for an increase of performance with a combination of our Productivity and Downtime Suites and the installation of TileConnect sensors on balance equipment.

We have the pleasure to point out the novative vision of the plant managers for enabling this smart factory technology implantation project and to be part of those who allow the manufacturing industry to evolve. We are proud to count this business as one of us and to keep on spreading Industry 4.0 all over the world!

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