Growth in the Aerospace industry

Claude Archambault
Smart factory
Growth in the Aerospace industry

A new client renowned in the aeronautics industry is entering industry 4.0 with our connectivity technologies.

The company is a global aerospace integrator with a manufacturing facility in Canada that develops and manufactures critical and high performance aerospace structural components as well as high level equipments that includes special engine stands and engine removal systems, wing and landing gear components, and related tooling that meets the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry. This factory recently became smart and will be able to monitor its operations in real-time with TileBoard and our Downtime suite. Sensors in Event mode are connected on CNC digital cutting equipment. Managers and plant employees now have access to a global portrait of the activities taking place in their factory from anywhere at anytime.

This manufacturer is now considered SF2 on our smart factory scale. Discover your own smart factory level by getting in contact with one of our expert!

Worximity wants to emphasize the avant-gardism of its client who is now on the leading edge of the technological wave and is making its operations and factory smarter. We are proud to keep growing in the aerospace industry!

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