Australia’s only remaining sink manufacturer focused on growth through innovation

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Australia’s only remaining sink manufacturer focused on growth through innovation

Adelaide, June 13th 2017: Tasman Sinkware, who manufactures under the Oliveri brand name, have partnered with Australian company Ailytic to deliver improvements in manufacturing efficiency with automation, artificial intelligence and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), investing in the further development of their South Australian manufacturing plant and securing SA jobs.

Tasman Sinkware manufactures a range of leading sinks and distributes associated kitchen and laundry hardware to the Australian market, as well as exporting around the world, from its manufacturing headquarters in Regency Park, South Australia.

“Tasman Sinkware and the Oliveri name is an iconic and important brand in Australia and overseas” said John Woodcock, Tasman’s General Manager Operations. “We continuously strive to innovate and manufacture our range as efficiently as possible and as a result improve the customer’s experience” said John. “We chose the Worximity Smart Factory technology to drive real time insights into our manufacturing processes and the time to value was almost immediate as the solution allowed us to understand core drivers such as downtime, availability and overall OEE within a number of days of turning it on”.

James Balzary, CEO of Ailytic who distributes Worximity in Asia Pacific states “Tasman is an amazing success story of a traditional manufacturer making the transition to a digital organisation”. “They are executing improvement and transformation initiatives across the board including scheduling, inventory optimisation and real time control and both Worximity and Ailytic are very proud to be partners in that journey”. “The Worximity technology is fascinating in that it provides value with very little integration effort – most factories have a range of equipment types and the Worximity Smart Factory technologies delivers insights without costly systems integration” said James. “It delivers critical data for analysing the past, and is an excellent source for predicting future efficiency opportunities in any form of manufacturing plant”.

About Tasman Sinkware
Tasman Sinkware (including Oliveri as a brand name) is an important player in the South Australian manufacturing sector. The company began life as a domestic metal fabricator in Adelaide in 1948. A wholly owned division of Fletcher Building a publicly listed company, Oliveri has a total commitment to the care and welfare of its valued employees maintaining a stringent adherence to Occupational Health and Safety. As well as the manufactured sink products, Oliveri supplies and distributes a range of sinkware, taps, accessories and other products to national and global markets.

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About Worximity
Worximity Technology Inc. comprises a multidisciplinary team of programmers, data scientists, analysts and engineers who develop and market the smart industrial technologies of tomorrow. Since it was founded in 2011, Worximity helped improve the performance of more than 750 production lines worldwide thanks to its connectivity solutions, which enable factory managers and workers to monitor their production in real time. This 24/7 visibility improves efficiency, reduces lost time and down time, and fosters better cooperation in industrial facilities. The company has also taken on a leadership role in the promotion of IIoT and Industry 4.0 in the manufacturing industry around the world.

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About Ailytic
Ailytic is an Australian company delivering innovative performance management and optimisation solutions to manufacturing, food and beverage, packaging and general process and discrete industries. Ailytic’s capability enables insights that generate significant returns by utilising real-time metrics, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to manage plant performance and create value. Lightweight, easily deployed, cloud-based and intelligent with significant end-user focus, Ailytic’s capability reduces time to value by turning operations staff into analysts with easy modelling of complex operational environments.

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