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Welcome to your smart factory where you take real-time control of your production with our connectivity technologies.

A smart factory at your fingertips


Connect your equipment

In less than an hour with our TileConnect IIoT smart sensors that transform all your equipment into connected objects.


Monitor your production right away

With the Tileboard application which lets you view production data to be visualized in real-time to make informed strategic decisions.

Worximity Solution

Stay ahead of your competition

Set your factory to the Worximity mode today.

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The intelligence behind Worximity

"The Initial Spark" — Founder & CEO

What a great journey it's been since the creation of Worximity in 2011. With the continued aim of helping factories perform better, Worximity has tremendous momentum, powered by its teams' talents and the innovative nature of its technologies.

"The Organizer" — Operations Director

The customer success team ensures regular follow-up and support with each of our clients who have begun using our technologies. Our engineers handle the training and our data scientists generate reports to build manufacturing intelligence.

"The Family Guy" — Senior Director, Strategic Development

The Business Development team has the exciting challenge of spreading the word and showing how Worximity is helping manufacturers that are making a digital shift increase efficiency and show ROI by adopting Worximity smart factory technology.

"The Mastermind" — CTO

Worximity's developers focus on rolling out intuitive and reliable technologies that are simple to install and to use so that our clients will be encouraged to set up a wide range of smart factory practices. My skillful team works on specific and common challenges faced by all of our manufacturing clients. Once these challenges are resolved, our clients benefit from an increase in efficiency and competitiveness.

Émilie-A Lachance
"Little Miss Sunshine" — Marketing and Communications Director

Worximity embodies an exciting buzz, new ideas that change how we do things, and brilliant colleagues who challenge and push each other, creating an environment of growth and expansion. The time is now, and we are in the sweet spot, with the best seats in the house at the 4th industrial revolution. The marketing team works on creating a strong brand internally and externally, and on making Worximity the leader in smart factory technologies.

"The happy one" — Head of Global Channel Partners

The Channel Partners development team builds the Worximity global partner ecosystem to promote our connectivity technologies, offering partner programs that have established Worximity as a leader in the digital manufacturing industry.

"Excel Wizard" — Director Finance and Administration

Our finance team is in charge of the overall business accounting as well as funding in order to fuel and support Worximity's rapid growth.

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